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1. Sales & Marketing

Boost Your Holiday Rental Properties’ Revenue with Destada Sales & Marketing Solutions

Enjoy Comprehensive Strategies for Sustainable Holiday Rental Revenue Growth. The vacation rental market is full of opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs wanting good returns. But, maximizing your vacation rental revenue takes more than just listing your property on Airbnb…

Want to Get Better Returns While Spending Less?

At Destada, we’ve spent the last few years developing comprehensive Sales & Marketing strategies proven to significantly increase rental properties’ earnings. Our methods are based on tested methodologies that we’re leveraging daily to help our clients earn more while stressing less.

Why Us?

Destada’s founding team are veterans of senior roles at the world’s leading travel websites (e.g. Expedia, Agoda, etc.) We’ve taken insights learned from maximizing hotels’ occupancy and revenues and applied them to vacation rentals (AKA “Airbnbs”).

Our approach is systematic and scientific. We leverage a blend of traditional and digital marketing strategies to foster and guarantee you sustainable revenue growth.

Property Owners

Vacation rentals can offer promising returns, but standing out in the market is crucial for revenue optimization.

Our professional Sales & Marketing solutions are tailored for owners looking to raise their rental revenue beyond their existing benchmarks.

By offering a strategic blend of traditional and digital marketing solutions, we ensure your property truly stands out and gains more bookings, earning you better revenue. We guaranteed!


Managing multiple vacation rental properties effectively demands a coherent yet distinctive marketing strategy for each property. 

Our comprehensive Sales & Marketing solutions and systematic approach ensure that all the properties in your portfolio enjoy a strong online presence that attracts more bookings and achieves benchmark beating revenues.

Partner with us today to give your clients better bookings and revenue. We’ll make you look like a hero!

Content Management

As a developer with a diverse property portfolio, it’s challenging to create and manage a unified marketing strategy that drives bookings and revenue. Our global distribution solution and highly specialized professional service is the game-changer you’ve been looking for.

We guarantee you’ll be making better revenue from your portfolio than your existing benchmarks. 

Book a free consultation with our enterprise specialists today. We’ll increase your income.

Service Details

What Can We Do For You?

Optimize your properties’ revenue

Our revenue team employs a data-driven approach that relies on daily analysis  of inbound tourism and vacation rental pricing trends in your area. This meticulous analysis helps us give your properties an edge over the competition by benefiting from pricing that maximizes your revenue potential, while remaining attractive to guests.

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Maximize your properties’ exposure

Our channel experts maintain strong relationships with a wide variety of niche tourism websites around the world. Many of these are localized by language and attract audiences that are unwilling, or unable to use “typical” holiday rental sites like Airbnb. By following this channel distribution methodology, we’re able to greatly increase your properties’ exposure to relevant audiences, which leads to more bookings for you.

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Optimizing Your Listings

Maximizing your holiday rental bookings requires your tourism website listings stand out among the competition. Good listings need to meet the following criteria:

  • Good listings serve potential guests better by clearly communicating the information guests care about the most.
  • Good listings trigger preferable placements by purposefully leveraging OTA websites’ algorithms.
  • Most importantly, good listings increase your revenue potential by setting accurate guest expectations, fostering trust and contributing to an overall better guest experience.

Our OTA presence professionals have years of experience at creating booking-winning listings. Leave the work of creating your listings to us and enjoy boosted bookings and increased income.

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Your exceptional property deserves an exceptional website

Truly outstanding properties are often able to further enhance their bookings and revenue by having a bespoke website that serves as a guidebook for potential guests. Our team has gained years of experience learning the needs and expectations of premium tourism customers and leverages these insights to create websites that match best practices to out-perform industry benchmarks. Talk to us today in order to learn more.

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Boost Your Properties’ Online Engagement

A compelling social media presence enhances your property’s visibility and guest engagement. Our social media experts craft engaging, consistent content showcasing your amenities and the experiences you provide. By leveraging best practices, we ensure robust engagement. Our team also manages inquiries and feedback courteously, fostering satisfaction and positive branding. Work with us for amplified visibility, enriched guest interactions and more bookings.

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Influence To Engage

Authentic influencer endorsements can heighten interest and boost booking inquiries, but finding the right influencers who are truly able to provide ROI requires experience and expertise. Entrusting your influencer marketing efforts to our team ensures you will gain strategic collaborations that deliver measurable results in both engagement and bookings.

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Boost Your Properties’ Reputation

Offline Marketing and PR can be instrumental in establishing a solid reputation for your properties, leading to increased inbound booking inquiries. By entrusting these critical aspects to our team you ensure your outreach and engagement are professionally managed and best aligned with your property’s brand image. Let us ensure your property receives the recognition it deserves.

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Optimize Your Properties’ Appeal

Capturing the essence and unique features of your property is key to attracting guests’ attention and thereby, increasing inbound booking inquiries. High-quality, professional photography is essential for showcasing your property in the best light. Our photography professionals ensure every shot of your property is meticulously crafted to bring out the best in your property. Engage with our team today for stellar photography that augments your properties’ listings.

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Want To Earn More Revenue From Your Holiday Rental Property?

Our tailored sales and marketing solutions will increase your bookings and income beyond existing benchmarks. Leveraging pricing optimization, global distribution, engaging content, website creation, social media, influencer collaborations, PR and professional photography, our experts boost your property’s visibility.

With a data-driven, systematic approach guaranteed to deliver results, we take your vacation rental business to the next level.

Whether you’re an owner, property professional or developer, partner with us to maximize revenue through higher visibility and more bookings.

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“To date I have been 'live' with Destada for 7 months and have only praise for the way they have managed my unit. Special thanks to Khun Mim and Katy for always being available to discuss any issues and for proactively managing all relationships with 3rd parties when necessary. With Destada I have found the Unicorn or Phuket property management - efficient, thorough, productive, and providing the attention to detail that every landlord wishes for.”

Simon Winn
The Heights B26

Frequent Questions & Answers:
Sale & Marketing

Our experts use proprietary pricing optimization methods and a wide range of  global distribution channels to boost your rental’s visibility and bookings above your existing benchmarks.

We use proven hotel revenue strategies originally developed for major travel websites like Expedia and and apply them systematically to vacation rentals. Our data-driven, multi-channel approach is tailored specifically for rental property owners, managers and developers.

We work with all types of rental properties and operators. We welcome single unit owners, property professionals handling a few properties for a selection of clients and property developers with portfolios spanning multiple locations. Our solutions are scalable and are always tailored to your specific needs, expectations and challenges.

Our revenue team analyzes daily tourism and pricing data for your local area to recommend competitive pricing that maximizes your revenue potential while remaining attractive to potential guests.
We partner with niche tourism websites worldwide to advertise your properties to localized audiences you can’t reach through “obvious” sites like Airbnb. This expanded distribution increases your rental’s visibility by 10-20x.
We guarantee our data-driven, systematic approach will increase your rental property’s visibility, bookings and revenue beyond your current benchmarks. How do we know? Because these are the results we deliver daily to all our customers.

2. Customer Service

Elevate Your Guests’ Experience to Drive Revenue with Our Customer Service Suite

Leverage Pro Guest Service Management to Grow Your Holiday Rental Revenues

Want Happier Customers?

To fully capitalize on the opportunities of running a short-term rental home requires a meticulous approach towards customer service excellence. Achieving and maintaining a seamless guest experience offers a cascade of benefits. Elevating customer satisfaction leads to a better online reputation, which influences booking rates and ultimately, your return on investment.

Why Us?

Our comprehensive Customer Service suite, spearheaded by Destada’s founding team of travel website veterans from platforms like Expedia and Agoda, integrates Guest Communications, Reservation / Booking Management and Reputation Management to guarantee enhanced guest relations, optimized booking processes and a positive online persona. Drawing from a rich history of maximizing hotel occupancies and revenues, we apply a systematic and scientific approach, leveraging a blend of traditional and digital marketing strategies to ensure sustainable revenue growth in the vacation rental (AKA “Airbnbs”) landscape.

Property Owners

Boost your holiday rental’s revenue with our Customer Service Suite. 

Enjoy seamless guest communications from inquiry to review, streamlined booking processes to prevent overbooking and proactive online reputation management to enhance booking rates.Our expertise ensures optimal occupancy and better online visibility.

Partner with us today to earn better revenues with less hassle.


Manage multiple properties efficiently with our unified customer service strategy. 

Benefit from systematic guest communications, meticulous booking management and proactive reputation management for each property.

Let our pro team optimize your customer communications to see increased occupancy rates and better online reviews.

Content Management

Tailored to seamlessly handle your vacation rentals’ customer communications, our global guest service solution offers coherent guest services that are scalable across all your locations.

Our adaptable booking solutions and proactive reputation management boost your properties’ online reputation and visibility, driving better reservations and rates for each project.

Partner with us today for a strategic guest service solution proven to boost customer satisfaction and drive optimal occupancy.

Service Details

What Can We Do For You?

Let your guests enjoy seamless communications, from their initial inquiry, all through to leaving a review. Effective communication is the cornerstone of exemplary guest satisfaction and a significant factor impacting repeat bookings and referrals.

Our dedicated customer service team ensures swift, courteous and clear communications with your guests, addressing their inquiries and concerns adeptly from pre-booking to post-departure.

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Optimize your booking process – An efficient and streamlined booking process minimizes the chances of overbooking or missed booking opportunities, and ensures smooth operations and satisfied guests. An effective booking operation not only augments your guests’ experiences but also optimizes your property’s occupancy rates, directly influencing your revenue stream.

Our reservation management system, paired with a proficient team, meticulously handles booking schedules, real-time updates, and availability checks, ensuring optimal occupancy.

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Build a positive online persona – Your property’s online reputation is a pivotal factor prospective guests consider before making a booking decision. Positive reviews and ratings build trust and credibility among your target audience, thus enhancing your property’s online visibility and booking rates.

Our reputation management experts actively monitor and manage your reviews across various platforms, respond to feedback constructively, and implement proactive measures to garner positive reviews, solidifying your property’s standing.

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Enhance Guest Satisfaction and Revenue Today

Aiming for higher revenue from your holiday rental? Destada’s Customer Service Suite is crafted to boost guest satisfaction and booking efficiency. Through adept Guest Communications, streamlined Reservation Management and proactive Reputation Management, we set the stage for a robust online presence.

Our skilled team employs a blend of personalized engagement and advanced technology, ensuring each guest interaction enhances your property’s appeal.

No matter your role – owner, manager or developer, partnering with Destada leads to improved guest experiences, efficient booking processes and a solid online reputation, propelling your rental property towards greater profitability.

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“To date I have been 'live' with Destada for 7 months and have only praise for the way they have managed my unit. Special thanks to Khun Mim and Katy for always being available to discuss any issues and for proactively managing all relationships with 3rd parties when necessary. With Destada I have found the Unicorn or Phuket property management - efficient, thorough, productive, and providing the attention to detail that every landlord wishes for.”

Simon Winn
The Heights B26

Frequent Questions & Answers:
Customer Service

Our pro team has years of experience engaging with tourism customers and we use best practice protocols and technology to ensure each and every guest interaction improves your property’s appeal. From inquiry to checkout, we handle communications courteously to boost your guests’ satisfaction.

Positive online reviews build trust and credibility, thereby enhancing your properties’ visibility and increasing your booking rates. Our experts monitor and manage your reviews and across the web to ensure your listings are optimal and solicit guests’ feedback to ensure a steady  increase in your positive reviews.

Prompt, clear guest communications that address inquiries are key to fostering bookings, referrals and repeat visits. Our team ensures seamless, bespoke engagement from pre-booking to post-stay.

We work holiday rental properties, AKA “Airbnb’s”. We work with owners of holiday condos, luxury villas, urban flats, beach bungalows, etc. We also work with property professionals and developers who operate and/or own multi-property portfolios. Our customer service solutions are scalable so we can tailor them to your specific needs.

Our experience, processes, and technology are geared towards maximizing the occupancy and revenue of multi-property portfolios. Our systematic approach to guest service and communications ensure each and every property in your portfolio offers a world class experience. Our advanced booking management technology manages your properties’ availability across distribution channels, in real-time. It streamlines reservations and prevents overbooking, while maximizing occupancy rates. Finally, our proactive reputation care solutions ensure your brand enjoys good reviews that help foster referrals and repeat business.

Optimizing vacation rentals’ performance is the core of our business. Let us handle these aspects of your properties for you, so you can focus on the things you do best.

3. Operation

Elevate Guest Satisfaction and Drive Revenue By Leveraging Our Operational Expertise

Leverage Pro Guest Service Management to Grow Your Holiday Rental Revenues

Want Happier Customers?

To fully capitalize on the opportunities of running a short-term rental home requires a meticulous approach towards customer service excellence. Achieving and maintaining a seamless guest experience offers a cascade of benefits. Elevating customer satisfaction leads to a better online reputation, which influences booking rates, and ultimately, your return on investment.

Why Us?

Our Operations Services address the day-to-day workings of your holiday rental, so you can enjoy better returns with less hassles. By offering a suite of services including Meet & Greet, Property Handover, Key Exchange, Cleaning, Property Maintenance Management, and Finance Management, we not only take the operational burden off your shoulders, but also ensure  professionally managed guest experiences that optimize your revenue, and improve your online reviews.
Property Owners

Operating an excellent holiday rental demands meticulous attention to detail for all client touch-points, such as when welcoming guests, and maintaining property standards.

By keeping your property pristine, we maintain its appeal and draw more bookings. 

Optimize your guests’ satisfaction through our operational experience.


Maintaining guest satisfaction standards when managing multiple properties, requires a coherent operational strategy.

Our practical services streamline your day-to-day operations, handling Meet & Greet, Property Handover, and Cleaning professionally, leaving you free to focus on growing your portfolio. 

Our proactive property maintenance management helps preserve your portfolio’s appeal and fosters a positive brand image leading to better reviews and more bookings. 

Elevate your portfolio’s operational standards with us.

Content Management

Managing an operational strategy across a large portfolio is challenging. 

Our operational expertise with Meet & Greet, Property Handover, and Proactive Property Maintenance Management, standardizes operational processes across your projects and creates a consistent, high-quality guest experience that reflects positively on your brand. 

Partner with us to enhance operational standards, and offer better guest experiences that boost reviews, bookings, and profitability. 

Let’s optimize your projects’ profitability together.

Service Details

What Can We Do For You?

Creating a positive first impression sets the tone for a memorable guest experience. Our operational experts ensure your guests always enjoy a friendly and efficient meet and greet, property handover, and key exchange process. By managing these initial touch-points proficiently, we enhance guest satisfaction which in turn, fosters positive reviews, and encourages repeat bookings. The smooth transition from booking to arrival is a detail that elevates guest experience, reflecting positively on your property’s reputation.

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A pristine, well-kept property significantly impacts guest satisfaction. Our meticulous cleaning services ensure every corner of your property shines, ready to welcome guests. By maintaining a high standard of cleanliness, we enhance your property’s appeal, positively impacting your online ratings and attracting more bookings. A clean and inviting property is an expectation of every guest, meeting this expectation is a step closer to better reviews and higher booking rates.


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Timely maintenance is crucial in preserving your property’s appeal and functionality. Our proactive maintenance management service addresses issues promptly, ensuring minimal disruption to your guests’ experience. Regular upkeep not only keeps your property in top condition but also fosters a positive image, leading to better reviews and, consequently, more bookings. By handling maintenance concerns efficiently, we help in enhancing the longevity and appeal of your property, ensuring a pleasant stay for your guests.

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Optimize your rental finances with our finance management service to simplify your rental’s money matters. We’re happy to handle revenues and expenses in any currency, and while we use advanced strategies to boost your profit, we go to great lengths to keep reports clear and costs effectively managed.

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Enjoy Improved Operational Efficiency

Ready to elevate your holiday rental operations to a professional standard?

Our operations services are designed to streamline the day-to-day aspects of running your vacation rental business. Our seasoned team ensures the operational facets of your guests’ experience are flawless. As an owner, manager, or developer, you stand to benefit by partnering with us because improved operational efficiency translates into better guest experiences, better reviews, and better financial performance. The result? Your rental properties show greater profitability.

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“Destada have done an excellent job in managing our apartments at the Park Surin. Destada's managers are always available and demonstrate a high level of professionalism. We are very pleased with our working relationship.”

Vitalina Butkaliuk
The Park Surin

Frequent Questions & Answers:

Our experienced team handles day-to-day tasks like meet & greet, cleaning, maintenance and more, ensuring smooth, consistent guest experiences that earn great reviews, and drive more bookings and loyalty.
A warm welcome and smooth check-in creates a positive first impression, setting the tone for a great guest stay. Our team manages this key touchpoint flawlessly.
By standardizing operational processes like cleaning and maintenance across your portfolio, we help you efficiently deliver consistent, quality experiences that reflect positively on your brand.

Our proactive maintenance team promptly addresses issues to minimize disruption and preserve your property’s value, appeal, functionality and reviews.

Meticulous cleaning ensures your rental shines. A pristine property satisfies guests, attracts good reviews, and helps drive more bookings.
Our operational expertise standardizes processes across your portfolio to create consistent, quality guest experiences that boost your brand image and profitability.
Smoother operations and enhanced guest experiences translate into better online reviews, more bookings and greater profitability for your rental business.
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