About Destada


What We Do

At Destada we help property owners and professionals optimize the occupancy, revenue and profitability of their rentals. Our solutions target the common pain points developers, managers, and owners face and our value proposition is based on our unique blend of tech, services, and tourism industry expertise. Our team of revenue, marketing and operations experts focuses wholly on your property’s success, while our billing model, which is based on a percentage of your earnings, guarantees we will always prioritize your interests and act as best we can to maximize your returns.


We started Destada because we believe the global vacation rental market is still nascent, and we’re excited about making this industry better for all its stakeholders.


At Destada we value accountability, focus, humility and excellence as our keys to promoting our clients’ rentals’ success.

Meet the Team

Destada’s founders bring experience and insights gained while working at the world’s top tourism tech companies into the vacation rentals market.


Our mission is to improve the financial viability of vacation rentals by improving occupancy, revenue, and profitability for owners and operators. 

By combining data, tech and hospitality insights, we provide comprehensive, transparent and cost-effective service.